Welcome to St. Bernardin, Ontario

Our next community event will be held on Friday November 6, 2015. Join us for dinner and a movie night

Just because we’re small doesn’t mean we can’t think big!
This expression seems to be a motto in St. Bernardin. Even though we’re a small community, we do things big. A fraternal and collaborative spirit animates the residents of St. Bernardin. Whether building a community centre, helping a family in need, or organizing an event, people here respond: “Present!”

Demography and Economy

St. Bernardin is a small village located in Eastern Ontario. About 300 people live in the village and its vicinity, from Concession 9 to Concession 3. Approximately 70% of the population is Francophone.

The community of St. Bernardin is located in The Nation Municipality, which provides its residents with many services including public works, garbage collection, recreation, and more. The municipality belongs to the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

Agriculture, such as the dairy industry and cash crops of corn and soy production, is the primary economic industry and occupies the majority of the territory. The community also plays host to many self-employed service and construction workers. St. Bernardin is easily accessible via Exit 35 on Highway 417. This ideal location makes it easy for many residents to commute to Ottawa or the West Island. Many residents also work in Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill and St. Isidore.

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Community Life

The people of St. Bernardin are an active bunch. Many groups organize activities and events to render community life interesting. Occasions to participate, to have a good time, and to volunteer are numerous. Consult the different tabs of this site to learn more.

History of St. Bernardin

In 1911, sixty families from St-Bernard of Fournier’s Parish were combined with forty-five others from Vankleek Hill in the hopes of creating Saint-Bernardin of Siena’s Parish, which was officially constituted in 1912. The construction of a new church in the village of St. Bernardin benefited development, but it also contributed to the decline of small surrounding communities of St. Amour, Routhier, and Proulx.

St. Bernardin was once the seat of the Caledonia Township. In 1998, the fusion of Caledonia Township, Cambridge Township, South Plantagenet Township, and the village of St.Isidore, led to their disappearance, but also the creation of The Nation Municipality.

St. Bernardin’s Parish celebrated its centennial in 2012. To learn more about the history of St. Bernardin or to buy a copy of The Centennial Book consult St. Bernardin’s Centennial.